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Sunday, February 10, 2008
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Written by arimi sidek

There is a friend of mine who work as a unit trust consultant. He switched career and became full time consultant since two years ago. I think he is doing the job quite well so far. He is one of Sabah's top agents for two consecutive years, 2007 and 2008. He isn't very creative in a way, but he is eccentric and horribly focus to his job.

Toyota Rush

Unlike most agents, he is really aggressive and did not start selling career with family members and friends from the very beginning. He is choosy in picking up clients. He select only towkays or people who are seen as financially sound. He don't mind difficulty in setting up appointments with Tan Sri Chong Kah Kiat or Datuk Dayang Mahani, for example.

He love his job very much, the way I like writing except in my case, I have yet to earn a decent money out of my addiction. And I doubt I will in future. As for the addiction, I can jot down something while waiting for my wife inside the car, or while sitting at the back of motorcycle whenever I felt tired before riding on.

Back to my friend, I think he really excels in selling. His strategy with big clients work quite well and the network considerably expand over time.

But as time goes by, now comes new twists. He starts to talk about buying new car. It is necessary as it will boast my image, he said. He insists that Malaysia's car simply isn't good enough to catch people attention.

Gee, I dunno that. But if he really mean by what he said then, he is not only not creative, but also stupid. I think he just hiding the real motive, that is, he wants to get more expansive car to project better image of himself. It shouldn't because of what customer think of himself. I say this because all this while he performs good sales even though he drive Iswara everyday.

Luxury car is no doubt boast his image and especially the pride but it definitely NOT necessity nor part and parcel of sales activity. Or, it isn't the way we need rice everyday in order to survive.

Take another friend of mine for example. He is also earn a living through sales line for more than 15 years. He does good too, with the sales volume around 2 to 5 millions every month. Imagine if the commission is 2pc, he probably earn about RM40, 000 every month.
Guess what was his car until last year, 2007?

20 years old white Proton Saga. Finally last year he got himself a new car, Kenari.


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very interesting story looo...


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