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johan mcalister abdullah (Visitor)

« on: June 05, 2006, 05:28:36 pm »
Assalamualaikum wbt,

I’m trying to recall the types/names of padi Kadayan, but my memory seems to fail me. The best that I can recall are PADI SADONG (baas MANGAT or aromatic rice) and BAAS LAKATAN (baas lambut or glutinous rice).

Padi SADONG is a very special and is the most aromatic rice amongst the so many types of padi Kadayan. Padi SADONG is easily noticeable by its aroma and the nice smell emitted from the plants and the buah padi itself.

Sitting down at the TAATAK overlooking the rice field, watching the rising sun, inhaling the fresh, aromatic morning breeze from the rice field, especially the PADI SADONG and enjoying a breakfast of HUBI KAYU BAABUS and a sweetened desiccated coconut (PIASAU BAKUKUU) plus a cup of hot black coffee, that you wouldn’t get it from any where else except at KAMPUNG KADAYAN!! To me it was a very memorable and lasting experience and I wish I could turn back time!!

A Kadayan elder once told me, “MAKAN DITABASAN ANI WANG BILANG BUTING TIA BAIK ASANYA”. I used to eat NASI BABUNGKUS UPIH with fried salted fish (LAUK MASIN BAGOING) and KOPI SAJUK. You know what, that was the best lunch I ever tasted!!! Even the best menu in the English Restaurant in the City of London does not come anything near to that!! The reason for that is simple, beautiful scenery, fresh, aromatic air we breathe that makes everything we taste are extraordinaire appetising.

Nevertheless, my intention is to invite the forum members to list down all the names of PADI KADAYAN for the purpose of future reference. It is very important to document every single segment of the Kadayan culture and tradition systematically and one of those segments is Padi Kadayan. Padi Sadong and padi Lakatan will soon become extinct if efforts are not taken to preserve them. Try this, mention BAAS SADONG AND BAAS LAKATAN to your own children, see what their responses are? Or ask them “SABANYAK-BANYAK BAAS, BAAS APA YANG HANTAP MANGAT?” Kindly let me know the answer once you get it.

Systematic documentation will involve imaging (plants (seedling, mature), leaves, rice (green and ripe), scientific names, description, etc.

I just hope that there are Kadayans out there who are eager and interested to initiate such programme for the benefit of future Kadayans. If padi SADONG and padi LAKATAN is already in the verge of extinction (endangered species), just imagine WHAT IF the KADAYAN is something like the MAYAN CIVILISATION.!! Think about it. Better late than never.


Johan McAlister Abdullah,
Surrey, England

WaJiD Manis (Visitor)

Re:PADI KADAYAN 3 Years, 4 Months ago
WaJiD Manis
« Reply #1 on: June 07, 2006, 07:50:25 pm »
Atu baru lah detail namanya. Congrats to you pasal padi tu... sampai aku pun naik iski nulis pasal pesta manuai. Tulis lagi liau, kala kala siau bah. Sdr Amde pun batah sudah nda nulis di kadayanuniverse

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