Tuesday, March 25, 2008

A bumpy road ahead

Written by Kadayan Banaa

BY a sincere look at at current post-election political situation of Malaysia, it has a chaotic apparent no matter what.


A least point to remember. Masterminds in UMNO and PKR are belong to the same school of thought. They posses the same style, and same principle before they opted for different skins serving different masters.

Hence, they are capable to read each other minds incomparably good. They even capable to use the exact tactical and strategic moves interchangeably with their opponent.

With this kind of understanding in hand, we will be able to digest things that took place behind the scene as UMNO had been with us for ages.

We can roughly guess their mind as well. Next, we can approximately apply the same model to PKR on what is going on now.

Really, and what is probably going on now?

I think if we remodeled their move based on UMNO experience in Sabah in 1994, now PKR men are lurking around. PKR men trying to convince BN men that their ship is sinking. PKR encourages them to leave the ship as soon as possible or, they will sank together to the bottom of political sea.

Now, UMNO gets nervous like hell. Like a toothless tiger, everything still very much intact - money, position, track record, but with eroding power. The Perlis raja isn't listening to them anymore. Terengganu Sultan isn't with them any longer.

That is why Khairy is speechless, like a brat took a pee on a toilet bowl. Zaid the freshie proposes anti-hop law. DAP and Pas nods as they have nothing to do with it. They aren't the mastermind afterall.

This is the battle royale between UMNO and PKR. Or between Pak Lah and Anwar. Both are Penangites, served under long protege of Tun Dr Mahathir.

Interestingly, Tun hate them both at the end. He sacked Anwar in disgrace back in 1998. And he tirelessly portrays Pak Lah as a shameful character to the nation.

So, what is the worst case scenario?

PKR wins.

This article bears the personal view of the author and does not necessarily reflect the view of KadayanUniverse.com on the matter - Kaawai Tanah.

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