Monday, March 10, 2008

My Mum's Tropical Jungle

Written by Arimi Sidek

Part 1: Home sweet home!

I went back to Sipitang on 07th of Mar, 2008 - a day before “voting day” of 12th Malaysia's General Election on 08 Mar 2008.

The land where my mum house is built is a small plot less than two acres, located on the Mengalong river bank. The land area is getting smaller and smaller over time due to river erosion.

We share this inherited plot with two uncles and a cousin, who also live there.

There are much to be done with mum's house, by a simple look at it especially in the kitchen area.

My brothers and sisters already mumbled about it. The house definitely needs repair. For now we are counting on one of the brother in-law to work on it.

However, another surprise is waiting for me on the next day.

After I had done with the voting, I have ample time to strolled right into the backyard heading to the river - my playground of the past.

It looks like a normal tropical jungle to me!

"No", a cousin of mine argued when I told him what I had in mind. He added that is how Kadayan's "kebun" look like outside fruit season.

Ugh, OK, fine. But its still look like a jungle to me.

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