Sunday, March 16, 2008

The wonder of writing

Written by arimi sidek

The Wonder of Writing

Part 1. I AM pretty much surrealist in writing.

You probably heard about it much often in drawing works. For artists of this school of thought, it is about wandering in the realm of mind via subconscious path of the brain. They sit in front of the drawing canvas and thinking about nothing.

Then, they let the flow of subconscious mind take over and control body movements. The flow of thought emerge in the form of lines and colors, forming subtle shapes that is better known as abstract images.

I often start my writing this way. I merely sit in front of my PC, thinking of nothing and let my fingers knocking the keyboard for any keywords that magically appear in the word processor. Words then translated into sentences and sentences become paragraph. Finally, several paragraphs will bind together to form a complete article.

At this stage, I churn, strike and add new sentences until I feel satisfied with them. I said I satisfied with it, not you as reader. Most probably its still full with mistakes and grammatical errors.

That is why I kinda like to put my article online. It becomes truly dynamic here. Editable, and I can modify them whenever I spot any errors. With hard copy – books, newspaper etc., I definitely can't do anything more about them. At the end people spotted only my limited vocabulary and understanding of English rather than to submerge deeper into my intended flow of thoughts.

Part 2. Writing is a mere friction of flow of thought

MANY of us don't realize that flows of thought in a way, similar to our breath in one way or the other. It never stops as long as we alive, no matter how hard we try to stop it.

It comes and goes as it likes. It is said that our thought continues to flow even while we are sleeping. The bubble of thought floats in the subconscious mind akin to screen saver of your PC. That is why we dream every night.

Once the writing completed, I always wonder how could the article appear as it is. It is truly a wonder of writing.

Part 3. There are topics that I avoid at the moment.

One of them is illegal immigrants issue. You probably disagree with my view. But to me, it just waste of thought and writing effort.

Should I start writing it and I can live for 100 years from now, I suspect the problem still persists. There are so much empty promises on how to deal with illegal immigrants, yet these people already penetrate the whole system of the State.

To much “bruhaha” in the state level but the final say comes from federal government which in turn, provide none of the solid solutions to it since independence.

So let other thinkers talk about it, i just wanna write what my flow of thought dictates. After all, I am a surrealist.

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