Saturday, March 8, 2008

Final Countdown!

Written by Kadayan Monitor

Its going to be raining heavily in Sipitang tonight or tomorrow morning by the look of it. Dark sky a head. Ground is already wet and muddy in most kampong in Sipitang.

Ayam Fight

All candidates are nervous stricken its worst for the new ones.

Hj Ramlee has done this waiting games a couple of times but I think he is no less nervous than the rest.

If the game is played strictly by the rules, for example, no money politic-no bribery and corruption alike, same media coverage, no government facilities are used like- vehicles, boats, government buildings.

Civil servants are free not coerced, orang kampong are not threatened or made to receive goodies for the purpose of luring their hearts and mind, and etc. Then I would say the fight can be an interesting one, in other words the fight is based on just and fair at a similar level playing of field.

If the above scenario is provided for to achieve democracy and I would say democracy is actively in the making, as said earlier Hj Ramlee is in better chance of winning.

But because of BN has all government facilities and control everything else, wining and loosing is ever difficult to predict because voters on the surface are playing mouse and cats. It means even William Hills can never get the forecast near right let alone right.

The most I could say is to wish all Good Luck.

Happy Mengundi

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