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KadayanUniverse.Com is Spamming YOU? [Kadayan Universe Forum]

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TOPIC: KadayanUniverse.Com is Spamming YOU?

kadayan_banaa (User)

KadayanUniverse.Com is Spamming YOU? 2 Years, 2 Months ago Karma: 0
You're probably little upset because you receive the strange email from nowhere, and from a person that you don't even know.

It from us, actually. KadayanUniverse.Com. The whole idea of aggressive marketing and promotion is from me.

I can't believe that for 2 years solely rely on search engine for it decent survival.

For me, no matter how good your website is, it is render useless if nobody read it. ( Sorry I don't blame anybody in, I just wanna say something here)

Please accept my apology on behalf for the email thing.

But we do not spam you, to the very least, that is what I believe.

If you notice [but I think you probably don't, as most of you don't bother to read till the end of our email] we actually provided a simple instruction there,if you DO NOT wish to receive further email from us.

It read

"If you do not wish to receive any more e-news from us just send your request to unsubscribe@kadayanuniverse.comThis e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it with the subject line "UnSubscribe"."

As you may aware of the nature junk, spam and unwanted emails that keep on flooding the internet, hundreds of them landed in your inbox everyday and the "un subscription" feature is better to deal with them, in my humble view.

If you interested on why we use Email to promote our website, read this

If you want to know where we did we get your email from, read this

If you want to know how to minimize your email from being spammed, please read here

Thank you. Have a nice Day.

Kadayan Banaa
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