Thursday, April 17, 2008

A bit about our founder, Arimi

Written by giin buagas

He doesn't really bother to properly introduced himself for all this while, but the rest of us actually do.

While we at support and continue to support anonymity and pseudonym for many reasons, a minimal traces of 'real' homo sapiens in is necessary to maintain the face-value as a reliable and trustworthy information source in a long run.

So guess what. For months, we insisted that he officially exposes himself to the public!

Now that he did so in his personal blog, we proudly extend this biography to you.

Our founder, Sdr Arimi, hails from Sipitang district of Sabah, Malaysia. A kedayan, he was born in 1966.

He holds a Master degree in Business Administration from Universiti Teknologi Mara – UiTM, Kota Kinabalu (2002 – 2003).

He works full time at Yayasan Usaha Maju, a state government agency under Ministry of Finance, Sabah (1990 – at present).

He is a part time lecturer at a local university.

He is a keen 'homemade' and 'homegrown' writer. Arimi has a handful of (and mostly) unpublished researches on his favorite subject, kedayans.

He is the founder of Kedayan OnLine (KOL) (2000 – 2002), Kadayan Universe (2005 – at present ) and Kedayan Apakian Project (2005 – at present) websites.

He writes articles to a Sabah-based newspaper, Daily Express, whenever he likes to do so. Read the full biography here

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