Sunday, May 25, 2008

AF6 - Stacy made it

Written by giin buagas

Revised text version, 27 May 2008.

Finally, a Sabahan girl, Stacy @ Stracie Angie Anam emerged as the winner of Akademi Fantasia on Astro last night. Come to think of this, Sabahans deserve it after 6 seasons of the reality TV program.

Stacy Stracie Angie Anam

She must be good, I think.

Good enough, as she manage to grab attention from the voters throughout Malaysia to choose her as winner.

I have no doubt at all that Stacy can sing.

Only that, we can never be sure that she really won based on the number of SMSes received. Astro is a cable - TV business monopoly in Malaysia, complete with monopolistic behaviors.

As a matter of fact, Astro is a stingy monopoly. It charges RM10 if you pay late even one day.

Astro service is terrible too. You can't watch all it's outdated programs during even a tiny drop of rain.

Satelite konon. Satelite bangang laa ... , asal hujan saja, langsung tidak boleh tengok.

Let say a minimum monthly fee of RM50 each x 5 millions of Astro available subscribers - every month Astro laugh all the way to bank with RM50 million. Yet, it can't solve the 'rainy day' problem for years.

So, in this "bolehland", AF is just another business for them, in my view. Nobody monitors and examines the SMS result except Astro itself. Also, the result is not being audited by any independent auditors.

Therefore, it can be real, or, it can be just a ploy by Astro based on business calculation. That is, to simply handpick any favorable student with matched commercial values as their new business products for the next 12 months of AF product-cycle.

This sizzling new product gears toward generating as much revenue and profit as possible, before they venture for another season of AF, and asking for more SMSes from the public moron.

Argh, not to mention the bigmouth 'jury' Ogy Ahmad Daud. Not only she is an SRP-dropout, she is a flop singer who really can't sing as well.

Her singing ability is terrible.

Ogy, your pitching gerenti out kalau U nyanyi tinggi sikit le. Prasan pandai!

All these years she is hiding her "ngambayau" voice by carefully pick on songs that lied on the lowest possible key.


kula kawla - memang astro kedekut |2008-05-27 12:05:12
satu lagi, iklannya mengalahkan rtm, dekat sama dengan ntv7, kurang sikit dari tv3.

Dahlah bayar mahal. program buruk balik2 !!!

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