Wednesday, May 7, 2008

AirAsia: unfair Mas

Written by Giin Buagas

Right, Mas is unfair to AirAsia. But AirAsia isn't the fairest airline company too. For example, it creates free seatings. It's not that fair, we have to practically run and to compete, in order to get better seat in the aircraft every time. I fail to understand why can't AirAsia issues proper seating tag when even a mere bus company can do that.

Kuala Lumpur: Now that Malaysia Airlines is offering low-cost fares, the time has come for the entire aviation industry in Malaysia to be fully liberalised.

In making the call, AirAsia Bhd's Group Chief Executive Officer, Datuk Tony Fernandes, said the liberalisation should include allowing AirAsia to mount increased flights to Singapore, fly into the island republic from other points in Malaysia as well as fly to international destinations.

He said AirAsia would immediately appeal to the Government for full liberalisation of the routes into Singapore following the move announced yesterday by MAS to offer low-cost or zero fares.

He said the move by MAS was unfair. "MAS can give zero fares but I cannot have more flights to Singapore and that doesn't make sense. You can't keep on whacking AirAsia and give all the advantages to MAS," said Tony, who spoke by phone from London where he is on airline business. Daily Express

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