Friday, May 30, 2008

Illegals, illegals, & illegals - Sabah

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Sabahans for being patience with the Federal government over the issue of illegal immigrants for many decades are now suffering the consequence of their generosity. There are more illegal immigrants than locals in the state.

They have become strangers in their own land. Hantu Laut

Majority of Sabah MPs in favour of setting up of Royal Commission of Inquiry rather than setting up of Parliamentary Select Committee.

General Malaysian public in Sabah too prefer the former. They do know the different between the two, but may be some Sabah MPs less so.

Ironically, it’s MPs from UMNO who seem reluctant to support the formation of RCI. Kadayan Journal

There are topics that I avoid at the moment.

One of them is illegal immigrants issue. You probably disagree with my view. But to me, it just waste of thought and writing effort.

Should I start writing it and I can live for 100 years from now, I suspect the problem still persists. There are so much empty promises on how to deal with illegal immigrants, yet these people already penetrate the whole system of the State.

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