Thursday, May 1, 2008

Video lucu youtube 1 - Music Idol [Kadayan Universe Forum]

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TOPIC: Video lucu youtube 1 - Music Idol

arimi (Admin)

Video lucu youtube 1 - Music Idol 5/1/2008
Saja la mau tunjuk hiburan sikit.... pembaca jangan la asyik serious saja.

Nah tengok video ni... This is hilarious

Watch how the Bulgarian Music Idols create instant idols - even william hung can't beat her

How to watch youtube [and other online] videos efficiently?
Online streaming depends on buffer - it collects data packets bit by bit from the host server. Your youtube tend to lags and delays and you feel that watching online video is less interesting.
But you can watch them smoothly by doing this.
First launch your browser. Click 'play' button on youtube video panel, and let the video plays until finish uninterrupted, while you do other things.
Then choose REPLAY

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acai (User)

Re:Video lucu youtube 1 - Music Idol 5/1/2008
adedehhh....lawak bana tau....

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