Monday, May 5, 2008

Brunei in time 1, 1905

Written by Arimi Sidek

Undoubtly, the weakest period of Kindom of Brunei, ever, was none other than at the end of 19th century or, the beginning of 20th century.

Brunei flag

I am not exaggerating the fact, nor that I'm to ridicule the kingdom that is very close to kadayan people. But history is about fact in the past whether we like them, or not.

At this point, Brunei nearly ceased to exist from the world map. It was close enough to be absorbed under a more powerful, more systematic administration of Rajah of Sarawak administration.

According to Horton (1986) "At the end of 1905, Brunei - reduced to two small, detached enclaves (area 2,226 square miles) within Sarawak - has reached the nadir of it fortunes. Indeed, but for the reluctant intervention of the British Government at this juncture, the Sultanate would have been swallowed up entirely by the famous Brooke Raj".

Source: Horton, 1986. British Administration in Brunei 1906 - 1959 by A.V.M Horton. Modern Asian Studies, Vol. 20, No.2., (1986), pp. 353-374. Cambridge University Press.

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